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Get expert advice and the best interest rates

Need help with a business loan or commercial mortgage? Get expert advice and the best interest rates with the support of a top Business Loan Broker in Taranaki.


Your Business Loan Broker will negotiate with NZ banks & lenders on your behalf to secure the best deal for you.

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Compare NZ Banks & Lenders

Compare & Get The Best Business Loan Deals

Your Business Loan Broker will compare NZ banks & lenders to find the right business loan for you, at the best interest rates.

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Finance to start your business, grow your business or buy a business

Business Loans

Fuel your business ambitions with flexible Business Loans. From startup capital to expansion funding or finance to buy a business, get tailored financial solutions to suit your goals. Business Loan Brokers will help you to secure competitive rates and provide personalised support to ensure you have the right business loan for your needs.

Equipment, Machinery & Vehicle Finance

Asset Finance

Unlock your business's potential with Asset Finance. Whether you need new equipment, machinery, or vehicles, get tailored financing solutions. Preserve cash flow, enhance productivity, and stay competitive while spreading the cost over time. Empower your growth by leveraging the assets you need to succeed.

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commercial mortgage broker
Commercial Property Loans

Commercial Mortgage Brokers

From commercial property acquisition to refinancing, get matched with a specialist commercial mortgage broker that understands your needs, makes the process easier for you and helps you get the best commercial lending rates.

200+ Advisers Ready to Help

We Have Business Loan Advisers NZ-Wide

Our network of Business & Commercial Loan Advisers are available in Taranaki and throughout NZ to help with your business finance needs.

We Make It Quick & Easy

We make it quick and easy to get the help you need by matching you with the right Adviser for your needs.

Best Business Loan Interest Rates

Business Loan Brokers have access to a wide range of banks and lenders and will compare, negotiate and secure the best business loan deals for you.

Faster Response & Loan Approval

With over 200 Brokers in our network available to assist you online or in person, we can help to get your business loan sorted faster.

Customer Reviews


I wanted to buy my business partner out and decided to use Top Brokers Hub to get help with this. The broker I was matched with has been really great and helped to make a complex process a lot easier for us.


Auckland, NZ

Really quick response and my business loan application was processed and approved really fast. Highly recommend!


Wellington, NZ

I had a great experience with the commercial mortgage broker that I was referred to through Top Brokers Hub. Really happy with the service!


Christchurch, NZ

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