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Do you need to take out a new insurance policy or want a review of your existing insurance? Get free insurance quotes and expert advice from a top Insurance Broker in Tokoroa.


Your Insurance Broker will compare NZ insurance providers, find the right insurance for your needs and help you to get the best insurance deals.

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Compare & Get The Best Insurance Deals

Your Insurance Broker will compare NZ's leading insurance providers to find the right insurance cover for you, at the best price.

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Find the best Life & Health Insurance

Compare Life & Health Insurance

Life Insurance secures your family's future, providing financial support when they need it most. Health Insurance ensures you receive the best medical care without worrying about expenses. With the right life and health insurance cover you can embrace life fully, knowing you're protected from the unexpected.

Find The Best Trauma & Critical Illness Insurance

Compare Trauma Insurance

Trauma and critical illness insurance offer a safety net during challenging times. They provide a lump sum payment if you're diagnosed with a serious illness, helping you focus on recovery rather than financial stress. Be prepared for the unexpected and protect your well-being with trauma and critical illness cover.

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Find The Best Income & Mortgage Protection Insurance

Compare Income Insurance

Income protection insurance ensures your finances stay on track if you can't work due to injury or illness. It provides a steady income, preserving your lifestyle and obligations. Mortgage insurance safeguards your home investment, ensuring your family's security in case of unforeseen events. Secure your income and home with income and mortgage protection insurance.

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Insurance Brokers provide their services for free as they are paid a commission from insurance providers when you take out new insurance cover.

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Insurance Brokers have access to a wide range of insurance providers and will compare, negotiate and secure the best insurance deals for you.

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With over 200 Brokers in our network available to assist you online or in person, we can help to get your insurance sorted faster.

Customer Reviews


I was pretty confused about what life insurance was best for me so I was really glad to find Top Brokers Hub. The insurance adviser they matched me with made it quick and easy to get everything sorted. Thanks!


Tauranga, NZ

Very quick to respond and my insurance broker was a great help with arranging my health insurance cover.


Hamilton, NZ

I wasn't sure how much income insurance cover I needed or what insurance company to choose so I'm really glad I had an expert to arrange this for me.


Auckland, NZ

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