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Selecting a top real estate agent when selling your home in Christchurch is crucial due to the unique characteristics of the city's property market. Christchurch, known for its rich history, cultural vibrancy, and the resilience of its community, offers a diverse range of housing options that appeal to various buyers. An experienced agent with a comprehensive understanding of Christchurch’s specific real estate dynamics can effectively showcase your property, aligning it with the preferences and needs of potential buyers. Their expertise in assessing current market trends and accurately valuing properties ensures your home is priced to attract serious interest and achieve a favourable sale price.


The best agents in Christchurch have extensive networks of potential buyers and real estate professionals. This network is a crucial resource, broadening your property’s exposure and reaching buyers who may be waiting for the right opportunity in Christchurch’s unique market. These agents have the skill to navigate through negotiations adeptly, especially important in a market that can vary greatly from suburb to suburb. Their proficiency in utilising modern marketing techniques, particularly online and digital platforms, is essential in today’s market, ensuring your property gets wide visibility.


A top agent’s combination of local market knowledge, extensive networking, negotiation capabilities, and marketing expertise is invaluable in Christchurch's distinctive real estate landscape. Selling a home can be a complex and emotional journey, and in a market as varied as Christchurch’s, the role of a skilled agent is even more critical. Their expertise ensures that your property not only sells but does so in a manner that maximises its potential in this unique and vibrant city.

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We weren't sure what agent to choose when selling our home so really glad we found Top Brokers Hub as it made it super easy for us to find a good agent.


Christchurch, NZ

Really happy with the agent that Top Brokers Hub connected us with and made the process of finding an agent really simple.


Christchurch, NZ

A really quick and easy way to find a real estate agent that you can trust. Great service!


Christchurch, NZ

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Top 10 Best Real Estate Agents in Christchurch

Here are the best Christchurch Real Estate Agents based on sales and reviews from customers.

Cameron Bailey 2

Cameron Bailey

Harcourts Gold Papanui

#1 Residential Salesperson for Harcourts in New Zealand


Cameron Bailey continued his streak of excellence in 2023 by securing the title of Overall Residential Salesperson of the Year for Harcourts in New Zealand, his fourth consecutive win. Renowned for his outstanding client service and consistent, high-quality results, Cameron has established himself as one of New Zealand's leading real estate sales consultants.


Where I sell: Cameron is available to help you sell your property anywhere in Christchurch.

Holly Jones - Ray White New Brighton

Holly Jones

Ray White New Brighton

#1 Residential Salesperson for Ray White in New Zealand


In 2023 Holly Jones achieved the prestigious recognition of being the top Residential Salesperson for Ray White in New Zealand. Her exceptional performance is not new, as she was previously recognised as the top International Agent in terms of sales volume at Ray White for three consecutive years — 2019, 2020, and 2021. During 2021 alone, Holly successfully closed over 271 sales transactions. She is backed by a skilled and award-winning team, dedicated to providing comprehensive support throughout the sales process to ensure outstanding outcomes.


Where I sell: Holly is available to help you sell your property anywhere in Christchurch.

Lin Ma - Harcourts Wigram

Lin Ma

Harcourts Wigram

For over 20 years Lin has been a top-performing agent at Harcourts, showcasing energy, drive, and focus. Her vast experience and advanced negotiation skills have led to success in various market conditions. While fluent in Chinese, Lin's clientele is diverse, not limited to the Asian market. Her bilingual ability allows her to connect with a broad spectrum of buyers, consistently benefiting her clients with her inclusive approach.

Adam Heazlewood - Bayleys Merivale

Adam Heazlewood

Bayleys Merivale

In the past ten years Adam has built a stellar national reputation as an exceptional real estate agent. Starting his career at just twenty years old, he quickly became the youngest Top Achiever at Bayleys New Zealand. His career has soared, garnering multiple awards and consistently ranking him among the top 3 agents out of over 1,000 nationwide. With over $650 million in sales, Adam's impressive achievements continue to drive his passion for success in the industry.

Rebecca Toone - Ray White Metro

Rebecca Toone

Ray White Metro

Rebecca Toone ranks among the top 2% of agents for Ray White globally. Known for her honesty, effective negotiation, and warm, personable approach, Rebecca believes in building success through trust and open communication. Committed to achieving the best outcomes for her clients, Rebecca's process remains consistent across properties of all values, always delivering integrity and exceptional service.

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Kieren Gray - Home Christchurch

Kieren Gray

Home Christchurch

Kieren is one of Christchurch’s top real estate agents, bringing over 14 years of experience to the table and to your home, he is there to guide you through the process with the very best marketing and best negotiation skills he has crafted in his real estate journey.

Angel Webb - Bayleys Addington

Angela Webb

Bayleys Addington

A multi-award-winning professional, Angela Webb consistently stands out as a leading agent both in Canterbury and across the nation. Her achievements include being the No. 2 residential agent in Christchurch for 2022, ranking in the top 5% of Bayleys' national salespeople for both 2021 and 2022, and securing the No. 2 spot nationally for the number of auctions held at Bayleys in the 2021/22 period, among other accolades.

Shady Attia - Mike Pero Real Estate Spreydon

Shady Attia

Mike Pero Real Estate Spreydon

Shady has established a reputation for showcasing Canterbury homes with exceptional flair, always aiming for the highest possible outcomes for his clients. His high-quality marketing strategies, paired with his polished and professional skills, consistently lead to outstanding results for his vendors.

The Standevens - Ray White Ferrymead

The Standevens

Ray White Ferrymead

Paula and Simon Standeven, a seasoned husband and wife real estate sales duo, are committed to securing successful outcomes for their clients. Known for their extraordinary work ethic and unmatched professionalism, they have consistently delivered remarkable results. This dedication has been recognized with the Ray White Prier Manson 'Number One Sales Award', which they have impressively won annually from 2017 to 2022.

Brendan Shefford - Ray White Rolleston

Brendan Shefford

Ray White Rolleston

Big Red, owner of Ray White Town & Lifestyle group and Red Chili Property Management, leads Selwyn's largest locally-owned and operated real estate firm. With offices in Rolleston, West Melton, Lincoln, and Prebbleton, along with Red Chili Property Management, the company employs over 50 local individuals, contributing significantly to the regional workforce.

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