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Choosing a top real estate agent to sell your home on Auckland's North Shore is a key decision for a successful sale. The North Shore, with its stunning beaches, quality schools, and a mix of contemporary and traditional homes, attracts a diverse range of buyers. An agent well-versed in the North Shore’s specific market can effectively highlight your property's special features, ensuring it appeals to the right audience. Their deep understanding of the local market trends and property values is crucial for setting an optimal price, attracting keen interest, and securing the best possible sale outcome.


The best agents on the North Shore have comprehensive networks of potential buyers and real estate professionals, vital for extending your property's reach. This includes local families looking to upgrade, professionals seeking a coastal lifestyle, and international investors attracted to the area's reputation. Their expertise in navigating the North Shore’s varied and often competitive market is invaluable, enabling them to manage complex negotiations and secure favourable sale conditions. Additionally, their proficiency in innovative marketing strategies, particularly on digital platforms, is essential in today’s market, ensuring your property stands out in a technology-driven real estate landscape.


A top agent's blend of local North Shore market knowledge, extensive networking, negotiation skills, and marketing expertise is invaluable. In a sought-after area like Auckland's North Shore, where the property market can be dynamic and diverse, the role of an experienced agent is crucial. They ensure that your property is not only sold but does so in a way that maximises its unique appeal and value in this distinct and desirable part of Auckland.

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Top 10 Best Real Estate Agents North Shore, Auckland

Here are the top North Shore Auckland Real Estate Agents based on sales and reviews from customers.

Wanly Tsang - Harcourts Takapuna

Wanly Tsang

Harcourts - Takapuna, Auckland

Wanly is a top real estate sales consultant with over 20 years of experience on the North Shore. Known for her persuasive negotiation and marketing skills, she combines strong industry knowledge with exceptional service, consistently ranking as the No.1 Sales Person at Harcourts Browns Bay. Fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, her extensive network includes contacts in Hong Kong and China. Wanly's portfolio features diverse properties, and she actively supports the Salvation Army through community events.


Where I sell: Wanly and her team are available to help you sell your property anywhere on the North Shore of Auckland.

Ben Potter

Ben Potter

Harcourts Devonport, Auckland

With 30 years on the North Shore, Ben brings deep local connections and a strong professional relationship with the area, consistently securing premium outcomes for clients. Teaming up with Gary Potter, a seasoned agent well-versed in fluctuating markets, they combine experience, energy, and hard work. This duo represents the epitome of top local agents, offering the expertise and commitment expected from leaders in the field.


Where I sell: Ben is available to help you sell your property on the North Shore of Auckland.

Sarah Howlett - Harcourts Snells Beach

Sarah Howlett

Harcourts Snells Beach

Sarah is a top-performing Harcourts agent in the Rodney area, distinguished by her proven results and seamless client interactions. Her passion for real estate and deep understanding of the local market contribute to her success. Known for her excellent people skills and attentive listening, Sarah ensures a smooth operation through well-organised systems and processes. Focusing on detail, she markets properties effectively, supports clients thoroughly during transactions, and keeps them informed for a stress-free, positive experience.


Where I sell: Sarah is available to help you sell your property throughout the Rodney area.

Andre Volkov

André Volkov

Barfoot & Thompson - Glenfield, Auckland

Andre Volkov, a seasoned real estate expert with a decade of experience and hundreds of successful sales, leverages his Commerce and Engineering degrees and a background in advertising sales to excel in property marketing and negotiation. His approach includes access to an extensive network across Auckland and Northland, ensuring a wide buyer reach. Choose Andre and his dedicated team for a stress-free experience and top results in selling your property.

Nadja Court

Nadja Court

Barfoot & Thompson - Mairangi Bay, Auckland

Nadja Court is a leading real estate sales and marketing professional with Barfoot & Thompson, known for her exceptional track record and consistent top performance. Her expertise lies in her deep understanding of the North Shore property market, coupled with innovative marketing strategies. Nadja's infectious passion for real estate, combined with her ability to adapt to market changes, ensures the best outcomes for her clients. Her commitment and energetic approach make her a standout in the industry.

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Gavin Roberts

Gavin Roberts

Harcourts - Milford, Auckland

Team Roberts, consistently in the top 1% of Harcourts International and New Zealand from 2020 to 2023, excels through service, trust, loyalty, and hard work. Leveraging the supportive environment of Harcourts Cooper & Co, they ensure success for buyers and sellers with detailed knowledge of local market trends. Lead by Gavin Roberts from the North Shore and with international experience, he brings unique insights, promising a stress-free, efficient real estate experience for all property-related needs.

Bob Voss

Bob Voss

Barfoot & Thompson - Browns Bay, Auckland

Bob Voss is deeply passionate about real estate, with over 11 years of experience in the industry and having managed over $350M in property sales. Bob's success stems from his effective marketing strategies, robust systems, and skilled negotiation, ensuring the best results for clients. Prior to real estate, he was an international swimmer for New Zealand, holding records and titles, embodying determination and focus. These attributes now fuel his real estate career, where he offers generous, honest advice and builds trusted client relationships, consistently exceeding expectations.

Lily Zhang

Lily Zhang

Barfoot & Thompson - Albany, Auckland

Lily Zhang, a standout real estate agent at Barfoot & Thompson since 2006, consistently achieves top sales in the North Shore/East Coast Bays area. With an MBA and a background in marketing, her skills in strategy and negotiation have been pivotal. Lily's reputation for honesty, strong work ethic, and creative problem-solving, coupled with her deep understanding of market trends, ensures excellent outcomes for clients. Living locally, she passionately serves the Shore area's property needs.

David Ding

David Ding

Harcourts - Birkenhead, Auckland

David's expertise in the North Shore property market, marked by a successful track record, stems from his deep understanding of market trends and tailored marketing strategies. Throughout various property cycles, he has maintained a loyal customer base, supported by a dedicated team. His persistence, hard work, and professional approach have led to notable accomplishments. David is highly regarded in his community, actively supporting the Meadowood Community Center in Unsworth Heights, Manuka Primary School in Bayview, and the SPCA.

Yan Lin

Yan Lin

Barfoot & Thompson - Glenfield, Auckland

Since beginning her real estate career in 2013, Yan Lin has successfully assisted numerous clients in realising their property dreams. With a Bachelor of Finance and Economics and experience in banking in both New Zealand and China, Yan has a thorough understanding of mortgages, lending, budgeting, and planning. Being bilingual in English and Chinese, she overcomes language barriers in property transactions and has established a diverse, multicultural network. Yan chose North Shore for its quality schooling, great facilities, and affordable homes, appreciating the unique appeal of Torbay and its surrounding areas. Her business thrives on word-of-mouth, reflecting the strong reputation she's built. Yan, known for her passion, knowledge, and experience, is dedicated to providing exceptional service for those considering selling their property.

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